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For Donna Kneeland


by Alannah Joy Michaud

The wind got caught up in my sail,

And carried me from shore;

I feared that I was drifting back,

To where I was before.

Not only was I terrified,

To venture the unknown;

I knew I didn't have the strength,

To face this storm alone.

I hung my head down in despair,

And struggled with the past;

Trying hard to stay afloat,

While sinking rather fast.

But when the clouds began to part,

I saw as clear as day;

A beacon shining through the fog,

To help me find my way.

'Twas then I knew not to give up,

Land couldn't be that far;

And through my tears of happiness,

I saw things as they are.

For not too long ago I thought,

That hope could not be found;

Then there you stood--a tow'r of light,

Which turned my life around.

(c) 1998, 2002, 2016 by Alannah Joy Michaud