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For Betsy Baer


by Alannah Joy Michaud

When I stand on this mountain top,

And glance at what's below;

I recall what it took to climb,

And what I've come to know.

I slowly drift into the past,

And see how far I've come;

I see myself as luckier,

Much luckier than some.

How much easier to just give up,

To not take on the fight;

If I were not to face the dark,

I'd never see the light.

I'd never feel such happiness,

In spite of such despair;

My heart could never freely love,

Or open up to care.

So climb against the odds of life,

Your faith will break your fall;

Climb against the wind and rain,

You're not alone at all.

Determination is the key,

Well, that's what I believe;

There is no limitation,

As to what one can achieve.

(c) 1998, 2002, 2016 by Alannah Joy Michaud