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by Alannah Joy Michaud

Focus on the things you have,

And not on what you don't;

Shy away from saying "can't",

'Cause if you "can't" you "won't".

Substitute the words, "I've failed",

With something less profound;

Filter out the negative,

As hard as it might sound.

Don't become oblivious,

To all that's going on;

For if you let life pass you by,

Then soon it will be gone.

Indulge in lots of happiness--

The best home remedy;

Your life is what you make of it,

You stand and fight or flee.

Stay focused on the positive,

And come whatever may;

Something called serenity,

Will see you through each day.

(c) 1998, 2002, 2016 by Alannah Joy Michaud